Based on some inspiration I narrate this story, Are you a smart intelligent people if you say ‘YES’ then please check below equation to find out which stage you are now.


Most of the middle class people come under this category, because they are fear about debts/loans. So most of the people come under this category.  My Mom always told me like this ‘Please doesn’t borrow any amount from others. Spend whatever you earn’.



Most of the middle class people with no financial control come under this category with debts, loans. I always pray my visitors are not under this category. Due to some financial issues admin comes under this category 🙂


Many responsible middle class people come under this category, because they are having girl child or plan to buy new house or car without debts.


Some of the disciplined people comes under this category, they always plan for savings scheme like Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit..etc and then remaining amount they will go for monthly spends.


I want to tell something before reading this, It is not a lip lock pic so please continue your reading.Okay  🙂 Some smart intelligent people come under this category, because they will invest in proper investment plans like stocks, Mutual Funds..etc.  Always try to fall in this category then only our life would become wealthy.


Money Management always plays a vital role in our Trading/Life. I am pretty sure all peoples are comes under any one of this category.

Happy Investing and Happy Trading  🙂

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